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Towel slitting machine

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Qingdao Bestsun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Zhuang

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Office phone: 053284670785

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QQ E-mail: 343828327@qq.com

Website: www.qdbestsun.com

Address: No. 3190, Heilongjiang Middle Road, Licang District, Qingdao City

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Bestsun spirit:

Professional, focused, attentive. Bestsun focuses on the towel industry, specializing in the research, development and production of automatic equipment for towel finishing, concentrating on creating value and wealth for customers, and always reminds every Bestsun man to work hard and move forward forever.

     Bestsun mission:

Accelerate the degree of automation of the towel industry, creating value for customers. We will continue to forge ahead and create more efficient, safer and more tailor-made towels and towels, which will bring the greatest economic and social benefits to the towel industry.

     Bestsun vision:

Towel finishing equipment industry leading enterprises. Qingdao Bestsun will consistently adhere to the concept of sustainable development, independent innovation, to achieve the harmonious development of employees, customers and Bestsun!

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