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Bestsun towel folding machine features brief

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Bestsun towel folding machine features brief

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Qingdao Bestsun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of towels folding machines, towels, packaging machines, etc., my company to first-class service, professional technical team to create the industry's first brand,

Welcome new and old customers come to talk about cooperation, Tel Tel: 15265220282

Towel folding machine function description:

1, folded towels through an automatic feeding system with laser positioning, and sensing function, static discharge, start at any time (the delay of the system can be adjusted, its height and angle can be based on the human body height of the operator The school's work is highly tuned to ensure long-lasting work by the operator.) The towel is delivered to the machine's delivery test area, which measures the quality of the towel (it can measure the length of the towel or take it ... function.) Unacceptable towels are automatically placed in the recycling bin. The company is located in:

2, the length of the qualified towel in the first delivery detection zone is automatically measured. This measurement is the basis for determining the length of the first transverse fold. At this moment, the towel is guided by the "patent" and is transported and folded up to reach the first folding area and the towel is folded first. The folded towel is again automatically measured and double-folded during the operation of the system while the towel enters a unique rotary flip-type handling system which ensures that the "logo" or "emblem" of the towel is on the right position.

3, then the towel into the side-fold feeding system; also in the left and right side fold area continue to fold. This method ensures that the towel is folded multiple times (at a speed of 50 m / min) with minimal cycle time.

4, as a standard function. The machine's unique and perfect mechanical action and original control system (both independent intellectual property rights) have been equipped with intelligent automatic packaging machine (independent intellectual property rights) to achieve the ability of automatic docking.


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