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Automatic towel slitting machine advantages

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Automatic towel slitting machine advantages

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Qingdao Bestsun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of automatic towel slitting machine, automatic towel machine, such as sewing machines, my company produced by the processing of products have to undergo a rigorous examination to confirm the library, won the trust of new and old customers, the following Qingdao Bessen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. talk about the advantages of automatic towel slitting machine.

Automatic towel slitting machine, also known as open-width machine, slitting machine, slitting machine, is a name for the towel slitting equipment. It is mainly used for longitudinal cutting of the cloth towel and folding the cut towel into rows. Easy to operate, cutting high quality, speed Promise speed, automatic correction, is the towel several advantages of slitting machine.

Cutting speed is the main advantage of slitting machine. Traditional manual cutting requires at least two people to cut on a single sheet, which can seriously affect the efficiency of production. And we now use the slitting machine to cut this way to go, not only improve the cutting speed of work, thereby improving the quality of cutting. The efficiency improvement on tailoring can be completed within the time stipulated in the contract, so that the performance and quality of products have also achieved great support and trust.

Qingdao Bestsun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. look forward to working with you for your cooperation!

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